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Managing Director

Mr. Prabhubhai Saradva, Managing Director of our company. He holds a Master’s degree in Science (Agriculture) from the Gujarat Agriculture University. He has over 35 years of experience in various aspects in agro chemical industry and leadership roles. Great Companies are born from small dreams and dedication. The story of Perfect Cropscience Pvt Ltd is one such dream seen by the visionary – Mr. Prabhubhai Saradva. Perfect Cropscience Pvt Ltd was founded by Mr.Prabhubhai Saradva in the year of 2008 and the success story of the company find it roots with the beginning of production in 2009. His Business model is focused on the sale of pioneering yet distinct crop solutions to ascend on the premium segment. His contributions involve creating awareness regarding burning pest issues in crops and helping farmers through delivering innovative and cost effective solutions.

He has vast experience in manufacturing and also has the required technical know-how to manufacture the products which our Company is catering to his passion to contribute to Indian Agriculture is commendable. His ability to prioritize and deal effectively with a number of tasks simultaneously reinforced with the skills to make effective decisions, has metamorphosed the business venture into one of the fastest growing agrochemical Company in India. He is honoured with the person for Fastest Growing Indian Company Excellence Award in May 2022 for extraordinary and prominent service to agrochemical industry.



CA Twinkle Saradva, Director of our Company. She holds a Master’s degree in Commerce from the Gujarat University and a member of Institute of Chartered Accountants of India. She has been on the Board of Perfect Cropscience Pvt Ltd since 2015 and has successfully overseen the functions of Accounts, Finance, Taxation, MIS, Budgeting, Cash flow Management and most importantly the pivotal role of Business Controller in her ongoing tenure. She ensured a complete business transformation project towards brand business Management, making crucial decisions relating to pricing, designing and implementing key business policies, receivable management, conceptualizing and implementing new initiatives, developing strategies for increasing the effectiveness of marketing spent, providing strategic recommendations to the management for increasing the profitability and sustainability of the business etc. she further oversees finance and treasury function including leading the fund raising process and managing its ongoing compliance, managing relationship with banks, arranging short term and long term finance, planning and supervising the financial forecasting and budget process, cash flow management, dealing with external credit rating agencies etc.



Mr. Parth Prabhubhai Saradva, the Director of our Company. He holds a Master’s degree in Business Administration from the Pune University. He started his journey with PCPL since 2016 and successfully oversees All India Marketing in his ongoing tenure. He brought about many changes in the manufacturing and production facilities in PCPL production plants and then took over the reins of marketing function. Ever since then he has spear-headed the marketing initiatives of the Company including the liaison activities with international agro-giants to bring in world class agro solutions to Indian farmers. Under his supervision the Company has achieved outstanding revenue growth & incremental profits year after year. Mr. Parth Saradva is known for his competitive outlook and strong organizational skills which he strongly imbibes among his close confidants. A visionary leader who is unconventional in his approach is an inspiration for the next generation. His persevering attitude and hard work ensured expansion of business by tying up with Indian Corporates and other Institutional customers, to add a new revenue stream in the organization.

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