The company creates a regular work to acquiring and producing the top quality Agro Chemicals. The purpose is to offer distinctive advantages to the clients. The technical and scientific experience of the team ensures that the company cans sensor the following areas:

- Microbiology and fermentation
- Bioprocess engineering
- Molecular Biology
- Agronomy
- Plant pathology
- Entomology
- Biodiversity
- Contract Research

The opportunity for the progress and development in the Agro Chemicals along with the expert services is regularly worked on and the purpose is to work for the utmost client total satisfaction. The company considers in ongoing attempt to develop the good quality and protection of the Agro Chemicals and also this is accomplished by maintaining the production procedure in compliance to the most stringent of the global quality requirements. The systematic features and the entire process are intended to guarantee the excellence of the Agro Chemicals. The company also serves to the certain reviews of the clients and brings together its expertise, advancement and quality together.


Identifying and isolating the most potent & virulent strains from the samples collected from exceptional markets like soil, insects, composts etc. Only after successful results these products are listed with Central Insecticide Board of India (CIB), as well as certified from IndoCert & IMO. Perfect Cropscience has got the maximum range of products listed with CIB as well as commercialized in the Indian market.

Production Technology

Mass production of a naturally made living thing with efficient as well as consistent efficacy is a difficult task. We have mastered the skill and manufacturing technology of immersed fermentation of bio inoculants.

Continuous Improvement

All commercialized products are also often revalidated for virulence along with efficacy at least once a year by rotation to ensure sustained quality. Furthermore these products will also be under continuing improvement program to increase efficiency, life expectancy, stress limit and also other factors; which is why only Perfect Cropscience products are continuously improving in quality and efficacy year-on- year.

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